BMW 435i Review

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BMW 435i Review

BMW 435i Interior

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Rear View

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Side View

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Adaptive Headlights

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Passenger Side View

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Front View

BMW 435i Review

BMW 4351 Dashboard

This is where that extra money goes for a luxury car. Everything is purpose built, to the best and highest quality. Sure, the Ford has a back up camera, leather seats, a touch screen and all that jazz, but it doesn’t have that sense of prestige and quality that a luxury car can give you. The BMW 435i M-Sport Convertible has that quality.

Sitting in the driver’s seat you immediately realize that BMW knows what they’re doing. You quickly feel the difference between the 435i and a more economical car. Everything about the interior is designed to be as user friendly as possible with the highest quality possible. The dash is smartly laid out with everything exactly where you need it to be. On top of that the climate control and radio have actual buttons! No touch sensitive controls or confusing infotainment system to wrestle through just to raise the temperature. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to change temperature while driving and having to look down to make sure you didn’t call your ex girlfriend instead. Not only does it have buttons but they have an excellent feel. Strong tactile feedback and a rubberized coating give the buttons a certain appeal that many other cars simply don’t have.

The buttons aren’t the only great feature about the inside of the car. The leather is supple and soft and the seats hug the body nicely while not having too high of bolster. The leather is a burnt orange with a darker wood trim accent. The door panels also feature a weaved leather design.

Storage space is limited but usable, especially for a convertible. With large door storage and a moderately sized glove box, there is enough room to store your insurance card and registration along with a few other goodies. The back seat is small, which is to be expected but I get the feeling there won’t be too many people riding in the back seat.

The infotainment system is relatively easy to use. There is definitely a learning curve to the system but it is clear and concise and easy to navigate. Connecting my IPhone to the system was very easy and I had no problems with making calls or listening to bluetooth music. The stereo is of moderate quality and the bass can of course be adjusted to unusable levels like all modern cars.

Overall the interior styling is very contemporary with attractive bits hidden throughout. The steering wheel is very attractive, and BMW decided to keep the traditional round wheel instead of the cheesy flat bottoms most manufactures are going with nowadays. Thank God for the stubborn Bavarians keeping the steering wheel an actual wheel. The brushed aluminum door handles have a beautiful curved design that gives a subtle but classy addition to the door and the brushed aluminum continues into a trim piece that cuts through the center of the dash breaking up the darker wood accents from the black upper dash.

Exterior Impressions

Being a hard top convertible the car naturally has two different external personalities. With the top up it is a semi aggressive sporty coupe. The bulging front hood gives the car a more muscular look, and the concave doors lead into a strong upper character line that distract the eyes from the separated panels of the hard top. The rear has a sporty feel with slightly slanted tail lights that give it just enough aggression to not take over the rear. The dual exhaust also sets nicely into the M-sport bumper adding to the sporty appearance. The front also has slightly angry headlights that add to the aggressive look to the car but still keep the classiness of a BMW. While the M-sport package front bumper also features working front and side scoops to channel air around the wheels to reduce drag at higher speeds, plus they just look cool.

Putting down the top quickly changes the appearance of the car and removes much of the aggressive look that the hardtop contributed to. In just over 25 seconds the 435i looks more modestly styled and swept back, like more of a cruiser than a bruiser. The burnt orange interior stands out against the metallic gray paint and draws the eye up from the midline of the car more towards the top, bringing the focal point to the beltline. This car takes on a new attitude and looks well-suited for a drive down Sunset Boulevard verses carving through the canyons. On the front end, you no longer notice the macho front clip, but rather the sloping back body lines of the hood. Taking the aggression levels down a few notches and adding a more classy appearance. It’s amazing what removing a roof can do to a car.

The BMW 435i is an excellent piece of engineering. There is clear thought that has gone into all of the engineering of the car that separates it from the competitive market and makes it worth spending the extra money on. The interior is an inviting place to be and the design can attract a wide customer base. This car makes a great daily driver and a fun weekend getaway car.

Oh, and one other cool feature, there is a switch to roll all the windows up and down at once, how nice it that?

Interested in this car? It’s available!

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(Article Written by Jakob Hansen)

(Photos Courtesy of Jakob Hansen)



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